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Your routine teeth cleaning is perhaps the most important part of your oral health regimen. Whether it’s brushing your teeth or visiting your dentist, a routine teeth cleaning keeps your teeth healthy and prevents future health problems. For Traverse City residents, Rose Street Dental is the caring, comfortable option for routine dental cleanings.

Teeth Cleaning at Home

Frequent brushing and flossing at home – at least twice a day – helps prevent cavities, gingivitis, and other dental health issues. Using an ADA-approved brush and standard dental floss will save you time and money on your next dental appointment.

Routine Appointments

Visiting the dentist at least once every six months is another crucial component of routine oral health care. This will give the dentist the opportunity to examine your teeth and identify any underlying dental health issues before they become serious. The professional cleaning will also assist your home teeth cleaning efforts, preventing stains and cavities.

Traverse City Dental Cleanings

Make your routine cleaning appointment with Rose Street Dental today and keep your smile shining. Contact us by phone or through the form below to schedule your appointment.

Teeth Whitening is often requested by patients. Call or stop in to learn how to get your smile professionally white!